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Library Staff


Dinah Harris - JMCL Director


Shayne Plunk - Main Library Circulation Manager
Keirsten Caudle
Lakeshia Coman

Technology Department

Zoe Pride - Technology Department Manager
Keith Schachle
Matt Barker
Treaven Mitchell - North Branch

Childrens Department

Jennifer Kilbrun - Childrens Department Manager

Teen Department

Jessi Rieger - Teen Department Manager

Adult Services

Jenci Spradlin - Adult Services Librarian

Tennessee Room

Jack Wood- Tennessee Room Manager
Evelyn Keele
Jimmy Wilkins


Whitney Norwood - Reference Manager

Cataloging Department

Lantonio Jackson - Library Operations Manager
Debbie Merritt

North Branch

Brooke Smith - North Branch Manager
Kasie Smith

Building and Security

Otis Taylor - Building and Security Manager
Lee Gaugh