Mission Statement:

The purpose of the organization shall be:
to foster closer relations between the Jackson/Madison County Library and the citizens of Jackson and Madison County and environs; to promote knowledge, the functions, resources, services, and needs of the Library; to lead in the development of a program for the extension and improvement of the library services and resources; and to aid in the provision of adequate housing and other facilities for the Library.

We have an 11 member board that needs new members every year, so consider serving on the board to further our goals.

Our memberships and our Continuing Book Sale year round in the hallway of the Main Library, are the sources for most of our funding, supplemented by the occasional grant and support from media friends. We use our funds to foster the Summer Reading Program for All Ages, to bring authors to Jackson, and to have local members share books of significance with you.
This year we need volunteers as we do every year to bring refreshments, to help with Continuing Book Sale, and to serve on Committees and the Board. We are looking for ways to reach out and let you know about us and our work. Please join us by asking for a membership card and mailing it to us with your membership. The cards are available at the desks at the Main Library and North Branch locations.

To contact the Friends of the Library:
please email:Wanda Scanlon - Friends President


Learn about our Reading Mantis, Madison
Madison the Reading Mantis
There is also a short video on the artist, Tim Pace, who created Madison the Reading Mantis
Short Video About Madison the Reading Mantis

Nashville Public Library "All about the Books" video.

This song, produced as a community anthem for Jackson, highlights Tennessee's musical roots with the city's unique identity. Written by Josh Smith and Dave Thomas. Recorded by The Hub City All-Stars which is composed of about 30 artists from Jackson, TN.
Jackson Anthem Video